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Traveling between China and Europe? Our luxurious Airbus 330 serves operates Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Moscow and St. Petersburg. 
Or between China and  North America? Enjoy our state-of-the-art , Boeing 787 Dreamliner serving Chicago, Boston, Seattle and Toronto.  

All flights feature luxurious aircraft with comfortable seats that recline to a fully-flat 180 degrees, gourmet dining and in most markets, complimentary private ground transfer service.


   From     To        Price          Requirment
            Fight  Date    
Beijing Berlin From 17500 CNY No Requirement 2014/06/12-2014/10/31
Beijing Boston From 20300 CNY Advance Purchase 45 DAYS 2014/03/05-2014/12/31
Beijing Brussels From 17500 CNY No Requirement 2014/06/12-2014/10/31
Beijing Chicago From 18800 CNY No Requirement 2014/10/01-2014/12/31
Beijing Phuket From 5700  CNY No Requirement 2014/03/01-2014/12/31
Beijing Moscow From 11000 CNY No Requirement 2014/10/01-2014/12/31
Shanghai Paris From 10000 CNY
sale from 13SEP to 30SEP 2014/09/13-2015/03/31
Beijing Seattle From 18800CNY Advance Purchase 14 DAYS 2014/03/12-2014/12/31
Beijing Toronto From 18990 CNY No Requirement 2014/10/05-2014/12/27

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1. Fares shown exclude  taxes and fuel surcharges.

2. Not permitted to change the itinerary.

3. Hainan Airlines has the final interpretation of authority.