Hainan Airlines makes the commitment that the privacy and security of your personal information will be protected by Hainan Airlines.Only staff that needs to use your personal information to perform their duties will have the right to use it. If you book air tickets, hotels, tour packages or other services over the Hainan Airlines website, we will need to provide your personal information (such as name and telephone number) to air ticket agents, hotels and travel services. Hainan Airlines will not disclose your personal information to additional third party users without prior permission from you, except in the following circumstances:

1. In response to law enforcement
2. In response to you sharing your accounts and passwords with others
3. In response to the loss, theft or tampering of your personal information due to computer viruses, hackers or any other events that affect the normal operation of the network.
4. In response to other websites that link to Hainan Airlines and use your personal information. Hainan Airlines is not responsible for the privacy and content policies of these websites and will not be held liable for any legal disputes and outcomes.
5. In response to an incident that may endanger your life or properties.

This privacy policy went into effect on January 28th, 2008. Hainan Airlines has the right to modify and update this privacy policy.