Baggage limits for European, Russian and part of Asian routes to be changed in year 2014

Due to operation reasons, starting from January 1st 2014 (flight date), baggage limits for Europe, Russia and parts of Asia will be changed to piece concept.

For an international round-trip involving an outbound flight in 2013 and a return flight in 2014, applicable baggage allowances and fees will be determined by flight date accordingly. That is to say, baggage allowance for outbound trip in 2013 will be calculated by weight, whereas for the return trip in 2014, piece concept will be applied.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please make good preparation for your trip according to the notification above. Wish you a pleasant journey with Hainan Airlines.

Baggage allowances to be applied in year 2014 Fees and charges to be applied to excessive baggage in year 2014