Flight Schedules Help Page

Round-trip or one-way flight?

Please select one of the options to display the flight schedule.

Origin and destination

Please input here the cities or airports for your departure and destination. You can also use airport codes (such as PEK, BRU or ORD) to search timetable.

Departure and return date

Here you can select your desired travel dates by clicking the neighbouring calendar.

PDF Timetable

Click here and you can download a PDF Timetable and store it in your computer as you like.

Show timetable

The timetable display shows a one week scheme, which means that all flights also three days before and after your selected travel date are shown. Your selected travel date will be shown in the middle of the display. You can also view timetable of previous week or next week by clicking the button right above the calendar accordingly.

Book flights

You can select any available date on the calendar displayed on the result page and book the flight you desired directly by clicking the “Book” button at the bottom of this page.