Brand image

Brand declaration

The infinite sky.

Strangers with different destinations meeting in the clouds.

A wondrous fate.

The sky should not just be something we look through.

it should also become a joyous memory that we pass through.

Hainan Airlines

Cherish every chance encounter.

Notice every detail, be attentive to every second of every minute.

Helping every point of service to exceed your expectations.

Create beautiful memories that we can all cherish.

Explanation of Hainan Airlines logo

The Hainan Airlines corporate logo is composed of elements that include the golden wings of the golden Garuda (a mythological Chinese bird), the top of its head (a pearl that represents the sun and the moon), its golden horn, a styling representing its beak, and auspicious clouds.

The top of the logo is a pearl that represents the sun and moon, it is a metaphor for the supreme and profound importance that nature has in eastern culture. As China’s ancient philosopher Laozi said: “People follow the earth, the earth follows the heavens, the heavens follow the Tao, the Tao follows nature.” Nature is vast, profound and full of mystery; through the endless circle of life, all things on earth grow and spread according to the laws of nature, Hainan Airlines will grow and expand according to the laws of nature into the infinite space beyond.

The ring-like composition of the Hainan Airlines corporate logo is a transformation of the Great Golden-Winged Garuda, a bird that comes from eastern cultural legend. In eastern mythology, only the Garuda has the ability to fly high enough to touch the top of the sky. The Garuda’s entire body shimmers resplendently with golden light and on top of its head is a precious pearl representing the sun and moon. The Garuda’s wings are enormous, with one flap their wings can stretch out to tens of thousands of kilometers in breadth. It is easily angered, yet sacrifices itself to save others. The Garuda flies on auspicious clouds, looking downwards while it supports the skies on its back. When its compassionate heart transforms and summons its power, it brings harmony and auspiciousness to humankind.

The Garuda’s wings are enormous, as Zhuangzi, another ancient Chinese philosopher said in his poem “The Happy Excursion”: “Its wings are like clouds hanging from the sky.” Drawing on the power of these wings, Hainan Airlines will soar high for the Chinese nation with limitless and infinite strength. The bottom of the logo is a freehand depiction of the ocean waves, This is a metaphor for how Hainan Airlines is like a small stone that sends forth a thousand waves that are capable of bringing great changes. As an eastern legend goes, the patterns in the waves can be seen in the clouds. As red clouds rise into the sky, the sea spray solidifies into matching auspicious patterns of the “ruyi”. This imagery depicts Hainan Airlines’ wish for the people of the world to be as one harmonious family.

Brand Concept


  • Safety & Punctuality

    We take safety and punctuality as the primary principles of our aviation services.

  • Manners & Elegance

    Using Eastern hospitality to make connections with friends all over the world, we accept different cultures and present a pleasant image of China.

  • Innovation & Passion

    Using innovation to pursue the ideal of excellent service, our passion allows us to create a wonderful flying experience.

  • Leadership & Teamwork

    Using teamwork to craft 5-star quality service, our team spirit contributes to a perfect journey.

  • Equality & Love

    Treating everyone well based on the idea of equality, we use kindheartedness to accommodate those who have special needs.