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1. We only process refund applications for bookings made on this site.

2. Please enter the names of all passengers accordingly if the refund application is meant for more than one passenger. Otherwise you can also submit refund applications separately.

3. Once an online refund application has been submitted, the website system will automatically process the application (without sending confirmation of this). Your travel itinerary viewed on Check My Trip will be invalid after you make the online refund application. To avoid unnecessary inconvenience, please be sure that you really need a refund before submitting a refund application.

4. If you receive no reply within 72 hours after you submit your refund application or just want to obtain information about refund policy, please call our customer service at 86 898 95339 or email us at

5. Passengers are allowed to cancel a reservation without penalty, for 24 hours, if made more than one week prior to departure. In this case, please send us the refund application directly to our email: The request for 24-hour penalty-free cancellation must be sent via email to Hainan Airlines to process successfully.

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