Responsibilities and Prospects

Social Responsibilities

Hainan Airlines is committed to exploring enterprises that participate in public welfare, helping the poor and charity work. The first steps in Hainan Airline’s formation of a system for public welfare work include five main categories: supporting education, helping orphans and people living with disabilities, alleviating poverty and natural disasters, protection of the environment and cultural relics and constructing a better civilization.

Up until December 31, 2012, Hainan Airlines’ corporate and personal contributions in terms of money and materials had exceeded 800m yuan. Areas included natural disaster areas, poverty stricken areas, unions for people living with disabilities, general charities, The Red Cross, The Youth Development Foundation, The Development Fund for Women, The China Foundation for Justice and Courage and The Environmental Protection Association. The airline has made outstanding contributions to the development of the social welfare industry, gaining wide approval from society.

The Hainan Airlines Brightness Campaign

Since July 2004, when Banma County in Qinghai Province’s Guoluo Autonomous Prefecture formally initiated the “Hainan Airlines Qinghai-Tibet Plateau 10-year promise movement”, approximately 3,000 people living in poverty from different ethnicities living with cataracts were treated to have their eyesight recovered in Qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Gansu successively, receiving a high level of appreciation from the local governments and the local populations.

In November 2011 and March 2011, Hainan Airlines held similar Brightness Campaigns in Malawi and Zimbabwe. The campaigns successfully treated 1100 cataract sufferers and significantly helped to improve the image of Chinese Corporations on the international stage.

The various Brightness Campaigns of Hainan Airlines have been highly successful and we are proud that we are able to restore vision to people who have lost this gift.

Digging Water Wells

In 2003, with Hainan Airlines celebrating its 10th anniversary since its first operation, the company put the plans in place for a “Well of Kindness”, with plans to invest 20m yuan into constructing 100 wells in regions of Hainan province that lack of water resources over the course of 10 years, cooperating with the government to solve drinking water issues and helping local residents to live a comfortable life.Up untill the end of 2012, Hainan Airlines had already constructed 71 Kindness Wells in places such as Haikou, Wenchang, Chengmai and elsewhere. This solved drinking water issues for approximately 150,000 people; and at the same time, this provided irrigation for some fields.

National Movement

When the country is facing a crisis, Hainan Airlines does not hesitate to stand up and face it, and take on an important role.

At 14:28 on May 12, 2008 when the Wenchuan earthquake struck the province of Sichuan, Hainan Airlines set up a “5.12 earthquake disaster assistance work group”, a complete deployment and command team responsible for carrying and transporting injured personnel, transporting disaster relief resources and evacuating tourists, managing labour, resources, and aircraft power to fully support emergency disaster work. According to statistics, Hainan Airlines carried out a total of approximately 100 plane trips, spent close to 200 flying hours, and flying costs over 12m yuan during the Wenchuan earthquake.

Similarly, during the Yushu earthquake and the Zhouqushan mud avalanche in 2010, Hainan Airlines immediately took charge of the responsibility to assist to the needs of the country.

From February 23 to March 5 in 2011, there was the biggest evacuation of Chinese citizens from a foreign territory since the founding of the People’s Republic. During this 11-day evacuation, Hainan Airlines sent out charter planes 15 times, making 30 flights to the Greek island of Crete and the Tunisian island of Djerba as well as others, to take 4,054 Chinese citizens back home, with costs totalling over 39m yuan. Hainan Airlines was honored with the title of “Advanced Collective” and “Advanced Individual” from the Civil Aviation Administration of China of the effort to guarantee to evacuate Chinese citizens.

Environmental Responsibilities

While developing, Hainan Airlines has constantly been paying attention to the environmental development of society and the country. Through planting trees, restoring cultural and historical relics, environmental research etc, Hainan Airlines incorporated the concepts of energy conservation and environmental protection into the entire process of enterprise innovation work. Through continuous innovation, the company shared its capabilities in energy conservation, emission reduction and green environmentalism work. As the company continues to develop and its service character is being upgraded, it once again takes resource economizing and environmental protection into consideration.

Energy emissions reduction

In 2008, Hainan Airlines was the first Chinese airline to have an environmental group from an international airline association come to evaluate disparities in fuel efficiency. The group of specialists analyzed every part of Hainan Airlines’ flights and operations in detail, this opened up digital motivation on the journey towards energy conservation and reducing emissions.

In 2012, an energy conservation and emission reduction team started researching into an index system that could evaluate a company’s fuel use efficiency. The first step was to set up an index system with a system correcting ton kilometer fuel as the central element, and setting up an early warning system through a correcting ton kilometer index.

In 2012, through the composite implementation of multi latitude control methods including the formulation of the KPI index at the start of the year, regular and irregular spot-checks, examination and appraisals of items and specialist consultation, etc, routine energy conservation and emission reduction measures achieved an annual saving of 31,000 tons of fuel, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by close to 100,000 tons.

Development Prospects

With the strategy of civil aviation strengthening the country as a main guide, Hainan Airlines will be accelerating international distribution, and putting its efforts into creating an airline company at the forefront of the world in terms of scale and operational performance.

Hainan Airlines follows the service concept of “Treating Passengers the Eastern Way”, and promotes the concept of “Treating the Passenger with Respect”. Starting with satisfying the customers’ innermost needs, creating a brand new flying experience, changing passengers’ expectations, Hainan Airlines is determined to become a world class airline enterprise of the Chinese nation and a world class airline brand.