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Member Benefit Terms

The following rules and regulations set and limit the conduct of the Fortune Wings Club and its partners. It is also an agreement between Fortune Wings Club and its members. Please read the following terms carefully in order to understand the limitations and exclusions of liability that apply to the Fortune Wings Club.

1.Fortune Wings Club is a global frequent flyer incentive program shared by Grand China Air, Hainan Airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Lucky Air, West Air, Capital Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines

2.Passengers over two years old can join the Fortune Wings Club and participate in the mileage reward program free of charge.

3.Businesses and other legal entities do not qualify to participate in this frequent flyer program. The frequent flyer program does not accept shared miles accrual or related multiple-person mileage accrual, nor does it consider multiple applications from the same person.

4.Travelers must fill out a detailed and accurate personal application. The Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to reject applications with incomplete or false personal information.

5.A member should fill out an application with his/her own signature to indicate that he/she agrees and will abide by the rules and requirements of the Fortune Wings Club mile accumulation reward program, including changes and additions that may occur in the future.

6. The Fortune Wings Club reserves the right of ownership of the Fortune Wings card. Frequent flyer passengers that acquire a Fortune Wings card enjoy the personal possession, usage and beneficial rights of the card only. The passenger may not dispose of or transfer the card of his/her own accord.

7.In case of damage, loss, or non-receipt of a membership card, please contact the Fortune Wings Club as soon as possible to obtain a replacement free of charge. Your membership card number will not change in this event.

8.In case of any change in the member’s address or telephone number, please contact the Fortune Wings Club. The Fortune Wings Club will not be held liable for lost, delayed or expired mails that are sent to a wrong address.

9.A member's miles and account cannot be transferred or combined. Miles cannot be exchanged for cash. In the event of any governmental taxes related to mileage rewards, members will be responsible for the respective taxes.

10.Miles exchanged for awards must be accumulated from the same membership account. Unless especially noted by Fortune Wings Club, miles cannot be calculated with another account.

11. The Fortune Wings Club has the right to audit members’ accounts without notifying members in order to ensure members follow the Fortune Wings Club regulations and the related transportation and freight terms of the airline. During the audit period, Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to take appropriate measures until a satisfactory solution has been reached, including but not limited to suspending a member’s mileage accumulation, suspending a member’s rights and benefits, prohibiting a member from redeeming rewards, etc.

12.Fortune Wings Miles or reward airline tickets cannot be traded or exchanged at any time (this includes but is not limited to the sale, transfer, gift, exchange business, products or charity sponsorship, auction, lottery, or competition). The Fortune Wings Club prohibits its members from causing damage to other Fortune Wings Club members, presentation of false or incorrect information, or other conduct recognized as indecent behavior by the Fortune Wings Club, including but not limited to violating provisions of Fortune Wings Club partners, misconduct or harassment of the Fortune Wings Club staff, or refusing to accept staff recommendations, etc.

13.For any improper, fraudulent, or incorrect usage of the Fortune Wings Club’s mileage, discounts or rewards, or behaviors not in accordance with the rules and regulations of Fortune Wings Club and the airline companies, Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to take the appropriate administrative and legal actions without notifying the member, including but not limited to cancellation of membership qualification and right, cancellation of total miles accumulated under the membership, refusal to allow the member to enter the Club again, confiscation of all rewards and other actions to protect Fortune Wings Club’s legal rights. In addition, Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to take legal action for compensation. Violators (including passengers receiving reward airline tickets via trade or exchange) will bear liability for damages and litigation costs.

14.Any behavior violating the rules and terms of the Fortune Wings Club will result in confiscation or refusal of member or passenger’s reward airline ticket any time. If the passenger has already boarded, then any subsequent travel expenses incurred by the passenger will be charged according to the corresponding full price of the fare. As for the segment of service already used, the member and the passenger need to pay the full price of the corresponding seat of the segment.

15.If a member causes damage to the Fortune Wings Club or another member's rights through exploitation of loopholes, system error, malfunction, or other causes, Fortune Wings Club will end the member’s membership, cancel the rewarded miles, and reserve the right to take legal action and claim compensation.

16.The Fortune Wings Club or its partners will not be responsible for any indirect losses of a member, passenger or accompanying traveler by providing or refusing to provide relevant discounts, rewards, or usage of rewards.

17.The Fortune Wings Club is the final deciding organization on whether a member qualifies to receive miles. If a member receives miles by violating the rules and terms in the membership manual, Fortune Wings Club has the right to cancel them at any time.

18.Fortune Wings Club has the right to adjust miles accrual and exchange standards based on changes to specific circumstances and will notify members via communication and the Fortune Wings website.

19.The Fortune Wings Club has the right to rescind, interpret or implement relevant rules, terms, processes, even end the regular passenger program at any time. Adjustment notification will be posted on the official website before implementation of the adjustment.

20.In the event of a change in Fortune Wings Club partners’ addresses, phone numbers, or if a partnership agreement comes to an end, Fortune Wings Club and its related partners will not be responsible for notifying separately, nor are they responsible for such changes.

21.The Fortune Wings Club fully supports partners to provide service, but is not responsible for its partners’ products and services.

22.In the event of legal disputes, legal proceedings shall be initiated at Haikou Meilan People's Court.

23.In case of any discrepancy existing between the English and Chinese versions of the Club rules and terms, the Chinese version will take precedence.